Prototype run and production runs available .005"lines/.005" spaces

Smallest hole size .010" (smaller holes on special projects)

Single sided to 12 layers (thickness up to .250")

Controlled depth drilling and routing

scoring (skip, double or single sided)

Engineering assistance available

Complex feature routing

Peelable soldermask

Carbon switches

Plated slots and board edges

Blind and buried via processing

Bed of nails and flying probe electrical testing

Letter film colors available (white, yellow, red, black)

Soldermask colors available (green, red, black, blue, clear)

FR4 material and exotics (Teflon, Pyrolux, Kapton, Polyimide, Getek)

Finishes: emersion and hard gold, Entek (OSP), HASL (hot air solder level)


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